Are you ready to THRIVE?

Do you feel frustrated, depressed, anxious, resentful or panicked by your relationship with money?

Are you burned out, disillusioned, fatigued or defeated by how hard it is to make money?

Are you beginning to wonder if self-employment is worth it?

Are you experiencing issues with your sleep, energy, relationships, weight or digestion as a result?

What if you could make more money with EASE and CALM?

Hi, I'm Carolyn...

I help sensitive and kind business owners, just like you,

to get calm, confident and capable with money,

so that you can make your impact, financially support your family

and enjoy the lifestyle you desire

MoneyCalm can help!

Becoming MoneyCalm helps you make more money with ease, whilst staying true to your values

Your Guide to Finding Abundance With EASE

Sensitive people have been constrained since time began.

Coerced into roles and identities that they didn't want, forced to behave in socially acceptable ways and constantly reminded that they are either "not enough" or "too much" for their families

Your desire to make more money is natural

You deserve to have whatever you want

To create the best life for your family and clients

Without the overwhelm, stress, guilt and anxiety

To make money with EASE

Are you ready to stop surviving and start feeling how good life can get?

The unique MONEYCALM Method helps you to stop surviving and start


Making abundance, pleasure, joy and compassion your new way of being


What People Say...

"If I had only met Carolyn sooner! She gets right to the heart of the matter in a profound, gentle and loving way. My sessions with her have blown my mind because they are truly life changing. I can't believe the clarity I have now. Work with her, you'll never regret it!" - Becky C. (Mindset Coach)

"I feel like something fundamental has shifted. The process was very gentle, but extremely deep, and I know that it's working because I feel different. I can't recommend Carolyn enough!" - Emma S. (Business Mentor)

"We focused on my business but Carolyn's help has impacted every aspect of my life in ways I didn't know I needed until we found each other! I can't recommend her highly enough!" - Kate G. (Business Owner)

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