Upgrade Your Money Aptitude (MA)

What Does A Money Psychologist Do?

Money Aptitude (MA)

Understanding your mind and body money connection and how you developed it, will enable you to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so that you see new and excting opportunities, attract more clients and make more sales

Audacious Goals (G)

Setting audacious goals that excite you whilst acknowledging and releasing your fears, worries and stress from previous goal setting disappointments, will cleat the path for you to build confidence, courage and recieve more money

Effective Habits (H)

Consistent action, together with supercharged inner motivation and worthiness ensures that you set boundaries, release guilt, take responsibility and prioritise yourself so that you can build your wealth and go from financial insecurity to finanicial freedom

Your Money Aptitude (MA) is your ability to attract, receive and keep money and to apply that ability in creating your financial freedom

We start by defining your Money Aptitude (MA)

(once you understand how you relate to your money then you can start to change it)

  • Understanding your Money Aptitude means developing a positive money mindset where you're more compassionate with yourself, value your skills and experience and become more attractive to money and opportunities

  • Having a safe, confidential and supportive space in which to acknowledge your true feelings, allows them to be released, deeper wisdom to be internalised and inner guidance received

  • Noticing the consequences of past guilt, fear, shame, anger and hurt gives permission for change to take place and supercharges motivation, courage and deserving

  • Realigning your mind and body connection results in effortless and focused action

  • Continuous challenge and support eliminates procrastination and self sabotage helping to create a continuous spiral of business and personal growth

So Now What?

Let's line all the pieces up so you grow your Money Aptitude and live life on your terms

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"After the first couple of sessions (all on zoom) I felt a sense of peace and self acceptance that I hadn't for years. My habits and behaviour around money have positively improved but the biggest freedom I feel is a release from past trauma.

I highly recommend starting with a discovery chat with Carolyn - and if you feel the nudge to work with her, follow that instinct and know you will become better equipped with tools and habits to serve you going forward in life.." - Joanne

"I had an illuminating & fun EFT business session with Carolyn - it's amazing how 'simple words' can attach feelings to them that may interfere with our lives (not just in our business). Let's just say - the possibilities have now become a big green tick for the future! Thanks Carolyn." - Chloe

"After experiencing a traumatic incident of my own, Carolyn had me back in a calm and serene state, where I was able to easily control my own emotions again.

If you are someone who has experienced any kind of trauma in your life, I can wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn as the ‘go-to’ expert, who will help you overcome whatever it is you have experienced." - Phil

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